VOLTRONICS SYSTEM PHILS., INC is a private firm committed to establish sustainable engineering services thereby building a solid partnership with its clients. We offer basic to complex, cost-effective electrical and auxiliary services in residential commercial, institutional and industrial establishments.

The company ventures in the application of industry-standard and new technologies available in the world today for the improvement of systems not only for the benefit of the company we serve but also for the environment we are living in. We are taking consideration of research and development as the key and tool to make our objectives possible.

VOLTRONICS SYSTEM PHILS., INC is duly with the Security Exchange and Commission. We mainly operate within Central Luzon, Metro Manila but we are also willing to carry out key projects as well anywhere in the country as the need arises.



VOLTRONICS SYSTEM PHILS., INC. will be the preferred Electrical and Auxilliary Services. We will provide construction services to the heavy commercial and industrial market place with value added services to our clients in support of their maintenance and operations organizations. Clear cut advantages over our competitors’ offerings will be provided through our in-depth industry knowledge, quality, safety, planning and project management expertise. We will continue to expand through organic growth, acquisitions and partnerships.


VOLTRONICS SYSTEM PHILS., INC, mission is to be in a continuous steady and organic growth. We must preserve our unique competencies and constantly keep up with the latest technologies. We must continue to show and exercise joy and appetite towards technological challenges.